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Another CovID-19 update
Thank you everybody for you patience at this time. We truly hope you are all well.
We are quite sure that you don't mind but due to the high demand on our online store we have started to make deliveries outside of the hours posted, once the appropriate number of orders are packed our vehicles will hit the road and get groceries to your door from approximately 10am daily. If this is an issue due to work commitments etc please let just us know.

Bicheno customers can now place orders for delivery on both Tuesdays and Fridays (Coles Bay remains Friday only) Orders for Bicheno Tuesday delivery need to be placed by midnight Sunday.

ALL orders regardless of isolation requirements will be placed at the door and no physical contact with the driver will occur. We thank you for your understanding with this as everybody's health is our No.1 priority.
To keep our weekend staff sane we have closed all online click and collects for Saturday and Sunday for the near future.